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Calibrator Pumps - Hydraulic & Pneumatic Pumps

Dry Block Calibrators- Dry-well or dry-block calibrators are versatile tools for calibrating temperature sensor assemblies. They are portable, traceable, and satisfy the calibration requirements for most field temperature work. They also can be a source of calibration errors if not understood properly. takes out the hard work of evaluating calibrators to determine which ones are the "best of the best". We gladly welcome feedback or suggestions of any calibration pumps noteworthy of evaluating.


Techne Tecal 140F Dri-Block Calibrator

Techne UCal400+ Dry-Block Calibrator

Techne Tecal 650F Dri-Block Calibrator

Techne Tecal 425F Dri-Block Calibrator

Isotech Jupiter
650 Calibrator

Isotech Pegasus 1200 Calibrator


Isotech Isocal 6 Temp Calibrator